About Us

Structured Growth Pty Ltd (SG) has been built on a foundation of proven and tested risk management principles.
SG offers unique and individually structured insurance and risk mitigating protocol, to selected and contractually Aggregated producers.
SG assists their clients with the implementation of bespoke risk solutions to their risk related challenges. Enhancing the probability of achieving stated goals and objectives.
SG boasts resources and networks across a wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise, including: banking, finance, risk finance, insurance, re-insurance and information technology.
SG aims to:

  • Create game changing insurance products
  • Assist our clients in managing their individual risks
  • Identify unique needs and solutions in the “Agri-market”
  • Understand the position of each client and how risk management may influence their positions, their own goals and objectives
  • Leverage various forms of collateral
  • Operate across the whole “Agri supply chain”
  • Support sustainable farming
  • Enhance balance sheet growth through retention


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